Steiner Ranch Traffic

I have to get something off of my chest and it’s a message I want to share with my friends and neighbors of Steiner Ranch as well as Austin as a whole.  Steiner Ranch is getting some bad press about ‘traffic’ and I’m standing up today to contest this dark cloud that has been cast on us and within the local real estate community.  When you drive all over Austin like I do: North, South, East and West, you quickly realize that NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, if it’s 4 o’clock somewhere you can be well assured that you have found yourself in stop and go traffic.  This notion that ‘Steiner Ranch has a terrible traffic problem’ is upsetting to me because our whole town has a traffic problem (by the way, go to Dallas or Houston and tell me the traffic problems there compared to here).  I’m writing this post today to encourage you, my neighbors, to stop adding to the complaints of traffic as it relates to our community.  I was on an airplane the other morning and overheard two complete strangers from out of town talking about Steiner Ranch and how they were advised not to buy out here.  I sat there and fumed because we are getting some bad press.  All I am asking is to stick up for each other and don’t add to the propoganda because it’s only hurting us.  I was on the 620 at 7am this morning and sailed right through to my destination.

I also heard that Lake Travis was never going to fill back up either..